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Barcelona, June 17th: Workshop on Community Networking Infrastructures

The netCommons project

netCommons is a Horizon2020 research project, which proposes a novel transdisciplinary methodology on promoting and supporting the creation of network infrastructures as commons, for resiliency, sustainability, democracy, self-determination, and social integration. The partners of the project have strong expertise  in engineering, computer science, economics, law, political science, urban, media, and social studies; and close links with successful Community Networks like and


Recent blog entries

Meet the French community of citizen networks

From May 5th to May 7th 2016, I conducted participant-observation during the fifth general assembly (GA) of FFDN, the umbrella organizations gathering 29 community networks (CNs) operating across France (plus one in Brussels, Belgium).

Defending Free Software for radio devices

The netCommons project follows very closely the developments regarding the EU radio directive which was adopted in 2014, and which is currently being transposed at the national level by the member states. The reason is that Article 3.3 might put in jeopardy the ability to install alternative, unauthorized by the manufacturer, software on radio devices. We try to answer in simple words a few frequently asked questions in this context, as a quick summary of the detailed analysis provided by FSFE.

Building networks together, as commons

On April 22nd, Panayotis Antoniadis will give a talk at University College London, which summarizes two new Horizon2020 CAPS projects, netCommons and MAZI (meaning "together" in Greek), in which NetHood proudly participates. The abstract of the talk describes the motivation for the existence of these two complementary projects which focus on different types of community networks, different research disciplines, and different case studies.

Recent and future events

Workshop on community networking infrastructures

Workshop on community networking infrastructures: Efficient collaboration between government, citizens and enterprises. Friday 17ᵗʰ June 2016, Barcelona
Jornada sobre infraestructures de xarxa comunitàries: Col·laboració eficient entre administració pública, ciutadania i empreses. Divendres 17 de Juny de 2016, Barcelona

Second Plenary Meeting

The second netCommons plenary meeting will take place in Barcelona, in the third week of June, featuring, on Friday 17, also an international public event at the City Council on the topic of Community Networks. Moreover, the local community network has coordinated its own meeting to happen  Saturday and Sunday after City Council public event.

netCommons Plenary is three full days: Wed. 14 to Thu 16. The Advisory Board session is held Thursday 16 in the morning.

netCommons Kick-Off meeting

In January 25-27 we had the kick-off meeting of the netCommons project at the DISI, in Trento. They were two full days of work in which we set the path for the rest of the project. There were 15 people at the meeting and we had the chance to take contacts also with other running projects, such as the RIFE H2020 project. It was exciting to prepare the ground for our next three years of work, and we set our next F2F meeting in June in Barcelona. 

Recent news

Open position at the DISI

DISI has two open positions to work on the netCommons project. We are looking for a Ph.D student and a Post-doc (or equivalente experience). The two people will be involved primarily in the work for WP2 and WP3.

netCommons in Net Futures 2016

The netCommons project contributes to Net Futures 2016 in Brussels, April 20-21st. We will share with the audience the concept of commons-based ICT infrastructure as a complementary model for the future Internet, and will give insights in the network and service provision by community networks.

The netCommons website is on-line!

This is the official website of the netCommons project, we have been working on it for a while, and it is ready to represent the project. In the next weeks we will populate it with more content. So far you can find the description of the project, of the partners, and the list of future deliverables. We will update it with news, events, and blog entries from our partners. Please don't hesitate to send us suggestions.