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The netCommons project

netCommons is a Horizon2020 research project, which proposes a novel transdisciplinary methodology on promoting and supporting the creation of network infrastructures as commons, for resiliency, sustainability, democracy, self-determination, and social integration. The partners of the project have strong expertise  in engineering, computer science, economics, law, political science, urban, media, and social studies; and close links with successful Community Networks like and


Recent blog entries

Finding "commons ground" with is a six-year old community network in the north-eastern part of Greece, serving 14 villages in an agricultural area near Mount Olympus. It was originally conceived as a means to address the digital divide in Greece by a small group of people, who ever since play an important role in its implementation, management, and constant evolution.

Workshop on the History and Theory of Alternative Media

On July 8, 2016, netCommons project partners from CNRS and Westminster University gathered in London with their guests for a workshop on the history and theory of alternative media networks. The day-long event aimed to link theoretical perspectives on alternative communication networks and media technologies with practical cases by drawing on the participants’ experiences and historical knowledge.

Supporting Community Networks Through Law and Policy

During the workshop on community networking infrastructures held in Barcelona on June 17th, 2016, I talked about the regulatory hurdles faced by Community Networks (CNs) in Europe, as well as a few potential solutions. Here is the long version of the talk…

Recent and future events

Workshop on Community Networks in Trento

Organized within the project "Wireless Community Networks: A Novel Techno-Legal Approach" funded by the University of Trento, and the netCommons project, this workshop focuses on Local and Community Networks and wishes to involve different local stakeholders to discuss this phenomenon both under a scientific and a technical point of view.

Workshop on community networking infrastructures in Barcelona

During this public event, we discussed how public administrations, citizenship and enterprises can strengthen ties among them to optimize a specific case of such infrastructures, namely community networks. We analysed tools ranging from governance strategies to implementation at deployment and operation level, paying special attention to the optical fibre, a key technology for achieving the coverage and penetration targets of the European Digital Agenda.

Second Plenary Meeting

The second netCommons plenary meeting will take place in Barcelona, in the third week of June, featuring, on Friday 17, also an international public event at the City Council on the topic of Community Networks. Moreover, the local community network has coordinated its own meeting to happen Saturday and Sunday after City Council public event.

Recent news

JoPP issue #9 on "Alternative Internets"

Journal of Peer Production's issue #9 on "Alternative Internets" is out! It includes a very interesting set of articles, three of which by netCommons' partners. netCommons also funded the design and printing of a "preview" of the issue which was distributed during the 4S/EASST conference in Barcelona.

Open position at the DISI

DISI has two open positions to work on the netCommons project. We are looking for a Ph.D student and a Post-doc (or equivalente experience). The two people will be involved primarily in the work for WP2 and WP3.

netCommons in Net Futures 2016

The netCommons project contributes to Net Futures 2016 in Brussels, April 20-21st. We share with the audience the concept of commons-based ICT infrastructure as a complementary model for the future Internet, and give insights in the network and service provision by community networks.