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The netCommons project

netCommons is a Horizon2020 research project, which proposes a novel transdisciplinary methodology on promoting and supporting the creation of network infrastructures as commons, for resiliency, sustainability, democracy, self-determination, and social integration. The partners of the project have strong expertise  in engineering, computer science, economics, law, political science, urban, media, and social studies; and close links with successful Community Networks like and


Recent blog entries Non Profit Organization is awarded financial and consulting support by the Ashoka Impact Project NPO was proudly one of the three awarded projects of Ashoka's social impact empowerment program, called the "Ashoka Impact". The funding and support will assist them with their ongoing work towards implementing their social business plan and growing their impact. Congratulations!

DIY networking: the path to a more democratic internet

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

The refugee crisis has revealed the limitations of the telecommunications market to offer internet connectivity to people in need. As is often the case when the market fails, citizen organisations have stepped in.

Finding "commons ground" with is a six-year old community network in the north-eastern part of Greece, serving 14 villages in an agricultural area near Mount Olympus. It was originally conceived as a means to address the digital divide in Greece by a small group of people, who ever since play an important role in its implementation, management, and constant evolution.

Recent and future events

Flexonomix District Currency Game @MoneyLab #3

The Institute of Network Cultures of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organizes their 3rd Symposium MoneyLab #3, with the general theme "Failing Better". netCommons will be represented in this important event on alternative economies by NetHood, which organizes a parallel workshop on the Flexonomix District Currency Game.

Workshop on Community Networks in Trento

Organized within the project "Wireless Community Networks: A Novel Techno-Legal Approach" funded by the University of Trento, and the netCommons project, this workshop focuses on Local and Community Networks and wishes to involve different local stakeholders to discuss this phenomenon both under a scientific and a technical point of view.

Workshop on community networking infrastructures in Barcelona

During this public event, we discussed how public administrations, citizenship and enterprises can strengthen ties among them to optimize a specific case of such infrastructures, namely community networks. We analysed tools ranging from governance strategies to implementation at deployment and operation level, paying special attention to the optical fibre, a key technology for achieving the coverage and penetration targets of the European Digital Agenda.

Recent news

CfP - JoPP issue #11 on "CITY"

This special issue aims to explore a wide variety of alternative and innovative peer practices, like urban agriculture, food sustainability, solidarity economy, right to the city movements, cooperative housing, community networks, P2P urbanism tactics, co-design practices and more, that are directly reflected in the production of urban space. There is particular interest in novel combinations of theory, methodologies, and practices that can contribute to peer production in the city and enable new synergies between projects and communities.

European Commons Assembly

The first European Commons Assembly is taking place on November 15-16 2016 in Brussels. Around 150 commoners will convene, discuss, showcase, and reclaim Europe in the European Parliament, in cooperation with the EP intergroup on Common Goods and Public Services.

JoPP issue #9 on "Alternative Internets"

Journal of Peer Production's issue #9 on "Alternative Internets" is out! It includes a very interesting set of articles, three of which by netCommons' partners. netCommons also funded the design and printing of a "preview" of the issue which was distributed during the 4S/EASST conference in Barcelona.