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Book Chapter
Leandro Navarro, L. Maccari, and R. Lo Cigno, At the limits of the internet: Technology options for community networks, , vol. 1: Association for Progressive Communications, nov, 2018.
Leandro Navarro, F. Freitag, E. Dimogerontakis, R. Baig-Viñas, Ramon Roca, R. Lo Cigno, L. Maccari, P. Antoniadis, M. Michalis, Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, et al., "Efficient Collaboration between Government, Citizens and Enterprises in Commons Telecommunication Infrastructures", Community Connectivity: Building the Internet from Scratch, Annual Report of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity, GV Direito Rio Edition, 2016.
Conference Proceedings
Maccari, L., Merkouris Karaliopoulos, Iordanis Koutsopoulos, Leandro Navarro, F. Freitag, and R. Lo Cigno, "5G and the Internet of EveryOne: Motivation, Enablers, and Research Agenda", European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), pp. 429–433, 2018.
Maccari, L., Quynh Nguyen, and R. Lo Cigno, "On the Computation of Centrality Metrics for Network Security in Mesh Networks", Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM): IEEE, 2016.
Maccari, L., L. Ghiro, A. Guerrieri, A. Montresor, and R. Lo Cigno, "On the Distributed Computation of Load Centrality and Its Application to DV Routing", IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Honolulu (USA), April, 2018.
Luca Baldesi, L. Maccari, and R. Lo Cigno, "Optimized Cooperative Streaming in Wireless Mesh Networks", 15th International IFIP TC6 Networking Conference, Vienna, AT, IEEE, pp. 350-358, 2016.
Ghiro, L., L. Maccari, and R. Lo Cigno, "Proof of Networking: Can Blockchains Boost the Next Generation of Distributed Networks? (short paper)", IEEE/IFIP Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference, Isola 2000, France, February, 2018.
Maccari, L., "On the Technical and Social Structure of Community Networks", The First IFIP Internet of People Workshop,IoP: IEEE, 2016.
Maccari, L., M. Maischberger, and R. Lo Cigno, "Where have all the MPRs gone? On the Optimal Selection of Multi-Point Relays", Elsevier Ad Hoc Network, vol. 77, pp. 69-83, Aug., 2018.
Journal Article
Stefano Crabu, Federica Giovanella, L. Maccari, and Paolo Magaudda, "Hacktivism, Infrastructures and Legal Frameworks in Community Networks: The Italian Case of", Journal of Peer Production, vol. 9, 2016.
Maccari, L., and R. Lo Cigno, "Improving Routing Convergence with Centrality: Theory and Implementation of Pop-Routing", IEEE Transactions on Networking, vol. 26, pp. 2216-2229, Oct., 2018.
Maccari, L., N. Facchi, Luca Baldesi, and R. Lo Cigno, "Optimized P2P Streaming for Wireless distributed Networks", Elsevier Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 42, Dec, 2017.
Luca Baldesi, L. Maccari, and R. Lo Cigno, "On the Use of Eigenvector Centrality for Cooperative Streaming", IEEE Communication Letters, June 7, 2017.
Maccari, L., "Detecting and Mitigating Points of Failure in Community Networks: a Graph-based Approach", IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, In Press.