Blockchain and Community Networks: friends or foes?

There is a lot of discussion and numerous initiatives that aim to explore blockchain technology in the context of Internet access sharing and more general Community Networking.

Universal deployment model

There is interest in the deployment of cable and other networking infrastructure for private use in public land, but the lack of clear guidelines to regulate deployment in public land can block authorization decisions, which can be controversial due to the consequences of the private ownership and use of a private infrastructure in public space.

Encounters in the hybrid city: Berlin

‘Encounters in the hybrid city’ is an ongoing series of events that started in March 2018, initiating encounters between different activists claiming the rights of citizens in the digital and physical domains. They have much to learn from each other's practices, challenges, and expertise, but also can support each other's agenda through various forms of collaboration.

netCommons guidelines for telecom policy-makers

After two years of working with Community Networks and policy-makers, netCommons is proud to announce the release of our policy brief entitled "Enabling the Telecommons: Guidelines for Policy-Makers."

netCommons at EuCNC 2018

In the week of 18-21 June, netCommons participated in the EuCNC 2018 conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This was the 27th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP, and financially supported by the European Commission, focusing on communication networks, systems, and services/applications. 

Yearly Meeting of the French Federation of Community Networks

The “law and policy” team of the netCommons research team is just back from a three-day field trip in Southern France with French Community Networks. Here is an account of our activities and key take-aways.

Data retention and telecommunication providers: New EU Parliament meeting

The netCommons's legal team reports on the recent strategy meeting at the European Parliament on "the Future of Data Retention and Targeted Criminal Investigations". The overall conclusion is clear: the legal framework of almost every member states is in breach of EU data retention law, and the rulings of the Court of Justice protecting fundamental rights are not applied.

netCommons Endorses and Supports the "Mesh is in the air"

This year, the "Wireless Battle of the Mesh" and the "Wireless Community Weekend" have joined forces and realized a new event, called "Mesh is in the air", merging the best of both events.

Internet for everyone by everyone

The topic of the plenary session for the last IETF 101 in London was about "The Future of Internet Access", or how community networks, spectrum regulation and satellite links can enable the remaining 50% of the global population in developing their own network infrastructures.


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