netCommons at EuCNC 2018

In the week of 18-21 June, netCommons participated in the EuCNC 2018 conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This was the 27th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP, and financially supported by the European Commission, focusing on communication networks, systems, and services/applications. 

Yearly Meeting of the French Federation of Community Networks

The “law and policy” team of the netCommons research team is just back from a three-day field trip in Southern France with French Community Networks. Here is an account of our activities and key take-aways.

Data retention and telecommunication providers: New EU Parliament meeting

The netCommons's legal team reports on the recent strategy meeting at the European Parliament on "the Future of Data Retention and Targeted Criminal Investigations". The overall conclusion is clear: the legal framework of almost every member states is in breach of EU data retention law, and the rulings of the Court of Justice protecting fundamental rights are not applied.

netCommons Endorses and Supports the "Mesh is in the air"

This year, the "Wireless Battle of the Mesh" and the "Wireless Community Weekend" have joined forces and realized a new event, called "Mesh is in the air", merging the best of both events.

Internet for everyone by everyone

The topic of the plenary session for the last IETF 101 in London was about "The Future of Internet Access", or how community networks, spectrum regulation and satellite links can enable the remaining 50% of the global population in developing their own network infrastructures.

French pratical guide for CNs and organisations providing an open access to the Internet

As part of the WP4, studying the legal framework of the community network and actors interacting with them, netCommons publishes short legal practice guides.

The first guide, written in collaboration with La Quadrature du net, is about French law. It aims to offer synthetic and human readable guidelines for organisations providing an open access to the Internet (such as Library or Internet Cafe).

It explains, in French, how these organisations should understand their legal obligations regarding data rentention, data processing and net neutrality.

The Internet of People Dagstuhl Seminar

Dagstuhl Seminars are international meetings for researchers and scientists that meet in an informal way to share their vision on a specific research theme, and open the way to new research fields. As the Schloss Dagstuhl website reports a seminar "is organized by at most four organizers, established leaders in their field, representing the different communities invited to the Seminar, preferably from different institutions. Dagstuhl invites on their behalf about 35 to 45 researchers of international standing from academia and industry, among them promising young researchers.

The ninuxday 2017

As it happened in 2016, in November 2017 about 20 people of the ninux community gathered, this year in the city of Bologna, to discuss about the state of the network and of the community. According to the participants the community is more or less stable, with some new islands (that's the way ninux communities are called) that are growing in the center-South of Italy, and some other ones, especially in the North that struggle to pass from one-man project to real communities.

Internet censorship and blockade in Catalonia - self-sovereign Internet infrastructures

Dear all, the recent days Catalonia is (in my opinion) under a defacto state of siege. You may have heard that today the 1-O referendum in Catalonia is ongoing. 73% of electoral offices were open this morning despite the blockade from prosecutors, judges and the charges from police forces. There are very long queues to vote. Meanwhile the "guardia civil", a military police, together with the riot police, have entered in large groups to some of the electoral offices to seize the ballot boxes and papers. As a result of the police charges to peaceful people, about 500 people so far have suffered injuries (you can find in the media sad images of the police charges) ...


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