Non Profit Organization is awarded financial and consulting support by the Ashoka Impact Project

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Ashoka [1] is a global non-profit, non-governmental organization focused in promoting social entrepreneurship since 1980. It applies worldwide a social impact empowerment program, called the "Ashoka Impact" [2], which aims to identify the most promising social purpose initiatives, assist in their organization and support them to multiply their positive impact on society. The program was launched in Greece during the past year with the support of Accenture [3] and The People's Trust [4]. NPOa wireless community network with which netCommons stands in close collaboration, is one of the seven Greek initiatives that were selected in the first implementation of this program.

The seven initiatives attended the six-month Impact program from March till July 2016. During this period they elaborated on their social business plan under the guidance of a mentor, who was provided by Accenture. The aim of the program was to empower the social initiatives to multiply their social impact in a sustainable way. Towards this aim they were provided with professional support, mentorship, training workshops and access to relevant tools. At the same time they had the opportunity to access Ashoka's wide network of social entrepreneurs and collaborating organizations.

In an award ceremony on October 24th, three initiatives, whose projects met predefined evaluation criteria, were awarded with financial support of 8.000€ each by The People's Trust to further develop their business steps. NPO was proudly one of the three awarded projects. The funding and support will assist them with their ongoing work towards implementing their social business plan and growing their impact.  

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