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Blockchain and Community Networks: friends or foes?

There is a lot of discussion and numerous initiatives that aim to explore blockchain technology in the context of Internet access sharing and more general Community Networking.

Encounters in the hybrid city: Berlin

‘Encounters in the hybrid city’ is an ongoing series of events that started in March 2018, initiating encounters between different activists claiming the rights of citizens in the digital and physical domains. They have much to learn from each other's practices, challenges, and expertise, but also can support each other's agenda through various forms of collaboration.

DIY networking: the path to a more democratic internet

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

The refugee crisis has revealed the limitations of the telecommunications market to offer internet connectivity to people in need. As is often the case when the market fails, citizen organisations have stepped in.

Defending Free Software for radio devices

The netCommons project follows very closely the developments regarding the EU radio directive which was adopted in 2014, and which is currently being transposed at the national level by the member states. The reason is that Article 3.3 might put in jeopardy the ability to install alternative, unauthorized by the manufacturer, software on radio devices. We try to answer in simple words a few frequently asked questions in this context, as a quick summary of the detailed analysis provided by the FSFE.

Building networks together, as commons

On April 22nd, Panayotis Antoniadis will give a talk at University College London, which summarizes two new Horizon2020 CAPS projects, netCommons and MAZI (meaning "together" in Greek), in which NetHood proudly participates. The abstract of the talk describes the motivation for the existence of these two complementary projects which focus on different types of community networks, different research disciplines, and different case studies.

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