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Data retention and telecommunication providers: New EU Parliament meeting

The netCommons's legal team reports on the recent strategy meeting at the European Parliament on "the Future of Data Retention and Targeted Criminal Investigations". The overall conclusion is clear: the legal framework of almost every member states is in breach of EU data retention law, and the rulings of the Court of Justice protecting fundamental rights are not applied.

French pratical guide for CNs and organisations providing an open access to the Internet

As part of the WP4, studying the legal framework of the community network and actors interacting with them, netCommons publishes short legal practice guides.

The first guide, written in collaboration with La Quadrature du net, is about French law. It aims to offer synthetic and human readable guidelines for organisations providing an open access to the Internet (such as Library or Internet Cafe).

It explains, in French, how these organisations should understand their legal obligations regarding data rentention, data processing and net neutrality.

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