European Legal Framework for CNs (v2)

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This deliverable is a draft of D4.2 that is due at M24 and it illustrates the current stage of development of T4.1 describing what has been done between M13 and M18 and the next steps of the research to be developed and finalised. In the spirit of netCommons project this draft is made public on the project website, so that it can have an early diffusion and dissemination, even if it is not final and its conclusions are provisional. In no way can this draft be considered a formal obligation or delivery to the European Commission (EC), albeit it can be used by anyone to follow and benefit from netCommons activity and work. The goal of this document is to describe the steps taken so far in order to reach the objectives of the second year of the project in WP4, with a focus both on what has been done and on what still needs to be done within the end of year 2. It draws on the findings of D4.1 that described existing legislation and case law relevant to Community Networks (CNs). D4.1 goal was understanding whether the existing laws allow the prosperity of the current CNs and of new ones, or they impair them. Based on these findings, D4.2 describes the actual application of laws within community networks as it emerges from some face-to-face interviews conducted by netCommons researchers with CNs’ members. The answers obtained through these interviews helped to shape a survey that will be circulated in the next two months amongst CNs’ members, in order to try to collect as much information as possible about the way CNs deal with legal issues. The results of the survey will be included in the final version of D4.2 (due at M24), which in turn will be the basis to draft some “Best practices guide for CNs” (T4.3 – D4.5, due to at M36). The report also illustrates the actions taken by netCommons to raise the awareness of CNs and to influence the European policy makers in the process of adoption of the new Electronic Communications Code. In particular, this part of the WP includes two main actions: first, an open letter that was circulated among CNs and then sent to the EU policy makers, followed by blog posts and legal analysis of the amendments to the Telecom Package; second, a conference that is being organized and to be held in Fall 2017 at the European Parliament and involving some Members of the Parliament. This actions are strictly intertwined with Task 1.3 on “Advocacy capacity-building” and its forthcoming deliverable D1.5 due for M24 and for which an early draft has been prepared for internal review (not yet public) also at M18. The report also describes what are the next steps to be taken to reach the needed outcome and to allow netCom- mons researchers to reach the goal of sustaining CNs as for the legal aspects.