The new EU telecommunications code in Greece and its effect on community networks

After a 2-day visit of the CN, this public event in Athens, July 9, brings together international experts with local stakeholders to build a better understanding of the key role of small providers and community networks, and their needs, and how the new EU telecommunications code might affect them. We will explore the situation in Greece as an EU member state and how Community Networks like CN can be supported and replicated as a model.

Sarantaporo conference: building the community in Community Networks

On July 7-9th researchers, practitioners, and key actors in the development of Community Networks around the world will visit one of the success stories of this movement in Greece, the Community Network. The event is co-organized by the netCommons project and the Non-Profit Organization.

Towards an Alternative Internet in the Age of Cambridge Analytica and Fake News 

As part of the netCommons project, UoW organized a one-day policy workshop in London in May 15, 2018 that brought together a range of stakeholders for discussing what kind of Internet is desirable; whether the digital commons pose viable models for the organisation of the Internet’s infrastructure, software, platforms and content; and what policies and measures are needed for strengthening the commons as alternatives to Internet monopolies, surveillance, privacy violations, and targeted ads.

Encounters in the hybrid city

The netCommons project collaborates with the MAZI project in organizing a series of gatherings, or encounters, that bring together people from the digital and urban rights movements in an informal and playful way. There is no other agenda but to raise awareness between digital and urban activists for each other's challenges, tactics, and lessons learned. The format varies depending on the context and the available resources and time.

What strategy for Alternative Internets?

In this workshop, at the Institut de recherche et d’innovation, Beaubourg Center, Paris, netCommons and NextLeap are inviting activists and researchers to discuss the state of play, reflect on the success and failures of the "alternet movement" and lay out strategies that can help it grow and flourish in the coming years.

EU Parliament Workshop on Community Networks and Telecom Regulation

netCommons is proud to announce that it is co-organising with Commons Network a workshop on Community Networks at the European Parliament on October 17th, 2017.

Edit: the video recordings of all presentations and discussions are now available!

Here is the programme:

EU Parliament Workshop on
Community Networks and Telecom Regulation

Participatory Design, beyond the local

Four EU Horizon2020 CAPS projects, commonfare, empatia, MAZI, and netCommons, collaborate in the organization of a workshop titled "Participation Design, beyond the local", hosted at the 8th conference on Community & Technologies, June 26-30, Troyes, France.

Building Community with the Help of ICTs

Accessing the Internet day in, day out is part of everyday life. But we take for granted that the way we access the Internet is via a service provider, usually among the largest for-profit corporations in the world. We rarely think about whether there are alternative forms of Internet infrastructure that do not operate access as profitable business. This event explores community networks as alternative forms of Internet access and presents two talks on community networks by experts who come from academia and industry.

GAIA Community Networks: Sustainability & Regulation Workshop

netCommons participates in the organization of the next GAIA workshop in Cambridge, January 26 & 27, 2017, about the development of local networking infrastructures using cooperative & open-access management schemes.

Agricultural Sector, ICT Innovations and the Commons - Towards Building Synergies

netCommons' partners Athens University of Economics and Business and NetHood, in close collaboration with non-profit organization, started a series of participatory design workshops in the area of Sarantaporo in order to reveal critical challenges faced by the agricultural sector in the area and explore possible opportunities for the design of innovative cooperative actions around agricultural production with the support of new technologies and common infrastructures like community wireless networks.

Flexonomix District Currency Game @MoneyLab #3

The Institute of Network Cultures of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organizes their 3rd Symposium MoneyLab #3, with the general theme "Failing Better". netCommons will be represented in this important event on alternative economies by NetHood, which organizes a parallel workshop on the Flexonomix District Currency Game.

Workshop on Community Networks in Trento

Organized within the project "Wireless Community Networks: A Novel Techno-Legal Approach" funded by the University of Trento, and the netCommons project, this workshop focuses on Local and Community Networks and wishes to involve different local stakeholders to discuss this phenomenon both under a scientific and a technical point of view.

Workshop on community networking infrastructures in Barcelona

During this public event, we discussed how public administrations, citizenship and enterprises can strengthen ties among them to optimize a specific case of such infrastructures, namely community networks. We analysed tools ranging from governance strategies to implementation at deployment and operation level, paying special attention to the optical fibre, a key technology for achieving the coverage and penetration targets of the European Digital Agenda.

Second Plenary Meeting

The second netCommons plenary meeting will take place in Barcelona, in the third week of June, featuring, on Friday 17, also an international public event at the City Council on the topic of Community Networks. Moreover, the local community network has coordinated its own meeting to happen Saturday and Sunday after City Council public event.

netCommons Kick-Off meeting

In January 25-27 we had the kick-off meeting of the netCommons project at the DISI, in Trento. They were two full days of work in which we set the path for the rest of the project. There were 15 people at the meeting and we had the chance to take contacts also with other running projects, such as the RIFE H2020 project. It was exciting to prepare the ground for our next three years of work, and we set our next F2F meeting in June in Barcelona.