Open Source Software

Some Work Packages (2 and 3) of netCommons will produce open source software for community networks. In particular four main software projects are under development:

  • Task 2.4 will produce monitoring instruments for community networks, that will outline and identify single point of failure in disrtibuted architectures. Please check the Deliverable 2.4 and 2.7
  • Task 3.2 will further improve the Cloudy platform, to enrich community networks with contents and applications. Please check the Deliverable D3.2, D3.4 and D3.5
  • Task 3.3 will produce a customized version of the PeerStreamer software to be run on community networks, see again D3.2, D3.4 and D3.5
  • Task 3.4 will produce the CommonTasker application, a mobile application that will enable community network participants to cooperatively perform useful tasks D3.2, D3.4 and D3.5

All the source code is released in dedicated repositories in our github organization. Each project has its own documentation inside the repository.