Incentives for Participation in CNs (v2)

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This document is an early draft version of deliverable D2.8, the second deliverable out of the netCommons task 2.2 ”Incentives for Participation and Active Collaboration in Community Networks (CNs)”. It is the follow-up deliverable of D2.3, which provided a thorough review of participation and collaboration incentives in CNs identifying the way they work and their relevance to the different CN stakeholders. In D2.8 the work focuses on the two CNs that were identified in D2.3 [1] as case studies for design and analysis purposes: the CN, in Catalonia, Spain and the, in Central Greece. In the case of the first CN, which represents a success story with innovative approaches to the technology used and its operational strategy, the emphasis is more on the study, analysis and optimization of existing incentive mechanisms. On the contrary, the work on is on both fronts, design and analysis of incentive mechanisms. The case-study oriented work in T2.2 has so far almost exclusively evolved around the CN. Hence, the current draft outlines the four directions currently pursued in netCommons for incentivizing participation in this CN: their subscription-based funding model, the design of applications that will provide added value to the network, the enrichment of the CN business model with the participation of commercial service providers, and the efforts to educate and train the CN users so that they get to see the CN as an educational platform and community asset at the same time. For each one, we outline the work that has been carried out so far and the plans for the rest of the project lifetime. Our study of the CN will mainly focus on the compensation mechanism introduced by the Foundation that operates the CN, i.e., the process through which service providers share the operational cost of the CN and have the chance to make up for investments on the network infrastructure. The first outcomes of this work will be reported in a subsequent draft of the deliverable (aimed for M24) and the final results will be available by the contractual date of the D2.8 delivery (M30).