Release of New Open Source Software for All Applications (v2)

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This is an interim release documenting the activities of T3.2, T3.3, and T3.4, the software development tasks of WP3. It describes the work done in the first half of the second year of netCommons, so it updates the work officially reported in D3.2 [1]. Information reported here and will be the base for the final version of D3.4 to be published at M24. The three tasks continued in the development of their software, or advanced the research studies that will support new development in the rest of the project. The deliverable is structured as follows: T3.2 produced two new publications based on the Cloudy platform that improved the monitoring system and put the bases for smart Proxy management (in Chapter 2); T3.3 integrated PeerStreamer (PS) with the new docker-based Cloudy platform and Serf (in Chapter 3); T3.4 continued the development of the CommonTasker application, based on the feedback received from the Sarantaporo community (in Chapter 4).