Release of New Open Source Software for All Applications (v2)

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WP3 is dedicated to open-source applications for CNs: Tasks T3.2, T3.3, and T3.4 are the three tasks, where we develop open source code that can be used by CNs. The three tasks delivered the first version of the software at M12 with D3.2. In the period M12–M24 they continued the development of the software, but also advanced the research studies that are needed to support new applications and innovative solutions for CNs. This deliverable is structured in four chapters. After a brief introduction, the progress in each of the three tasks are reported: Chapter 2 describes the work in T3.2. In T3.2, we are working on a CN-tailored linux distribution named Cloudy. This is a key theme for CNs, which are generally perceived as a gateway to the Internet, while they can be the driver for the evolution of new local applications. Cloudy makes it possible to deploy services using Docker in a way that is extremely simple for the user. Technically, it leverages the Serf gossiping protocol to be able to notify Cloudy nodes of newly deployed applications. This deliverable reports on the introduction of Docker-compose functionality in the Cloudy architecture, which enables developers to propose complex services that require more than one docker containers for higher reliability and security. Furthermore, Chapter 2 illustrates the advances made by UPC in the research related to service and gateway placement in CNs, which will guide the future work on evolution and optimization of the Cloudy service. Chapter 3 describes the work in T3.3. In T3.3, we focus on the development of the PeerStreamer (PS) application. PS is an open source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) live video streaming application, unique in its kind in the open source arena. PS is developed by UniTN and it is integrated with the new, docker-based Cloudy platform. This integration has required substantial work since the application had to be re-engineered to become a web- based application. PS is now a full-fledged live streaming solution that leverages the Cloudy platform to provide a distributed live video streaming service for CNs. Chapter 3 also reports on the theoretical advances that UniTn made in exploiting the distributed nature of CNs to optimize the streaming function. Chapter 4 describes the work in T3.4. In T3.4, we develop the CommonTasker Android application. The development of CommonTasker has been initiated as a brand new project by the AUEB team for the community of and progresses as a highly participatory design process, as reflected in [1] and building on the methodology described in D3.3 [2]. The mobile app is being continuously tailored to the needs of the community based on continuous interactions involving AUEB, Nethood, and local community members. CommonTasker is now tailored to the collection of data from the local farmers on their every day activities in their farms and aims to become their de facto smart assistant and online calendar. At the same time, these data can become the missing cornerstone for the provision of smart farming services to the community by external stakeholders/commercial service providers over the CN. This way, the app turns the CN into a key asset for both the community and external stakeholders, scaling up the importance of the CN for the local economy and paving the path for long-term synergies that can foster the sustainability of the network.