Alternative Internet Survey Implementation

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Deliverable D5.3 describes the pilot and implementation phase of the online survey to examine the concerns about Internet usage expressed by standard Internet users. In addition, the survey records attitudes of Internet users as to the possibility of using alternative Internet platforms and also community networks. Such information is considered significant for community networks themselves as well as for policy-makers andregulators. Deliverable D5.2 explained the original design of the survey, its aims, questions and structure. The present deliverable discusses the building of the survey on the open source code survey platform limesurvey, and the pilot phase we conducted both to test the user-friendliness of the platform as well as the survey itself. Indeed, the pilot phase was pivotal to the successful formal launch of the survey. It resulted in minor, yet very useful, improvements in expression, structure and overall feel of the survey. All these are presented in this deliverable.