Data Management Plan (v2)

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This document presents the policies adopted by the project consortium to ensure that rules on Open Access to Publications and Open Research Data are met. It extends D7.1 and complete both the discussion on Open Science and the details of the copyright contracts by major publishers, as some of these have changed since the publication of D7.1 A technical (in legal terms) discussion on the process of publishing Open Data to achieve Open Science is also included in the document to highlight the conceptual problems that may be encountered, by netCommons, but also by any other research project, in managing data repositories as well as using existing ones due to the fuzziness of the legal framework in the sheer definition of “data”. This part is entirely novel compared to D7.1 This deliverable sets the final principles used by the consortium in managing the data produced during the project and the policies and technical measure taken to protect people privacy and data security in case personal data is collected during the research. In particular this Deliverable details the procedures that the consortium adopts to make all scientific publications, both peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed, fully available according to Open Access best practices, guaranteeing that they are correctly archived in multiple repositories, available through the project web site and properly indexed through metadata. Regarding Data Management, the document details the types of data that netCommons is handling and will handle till the end of the project, and the procedures undertaken to guarantee that no personal or sensitive data are discovered beyond the boundary clearly defined during the data collection procedure, and that this boundary, as well as the person responsible for the data collection and protection, are clearly understood by the people involved in the data collection.