European Legal Framework for CNs (v3)

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Community Networks are network infrastructures built by local people providing access to the global Internet and other services. Their model is based on democratic governance, infrastructure managed as commons and promotion of digital human rights. Their existence and the non-mainstream way in which they conduct their activities fall within the scope of several areas of law, all over the European Union. As we explain in the introduction, this deliverable builds on legal research conducted over the past two years by the netCommons team in the context of Work Package 4. The first deliverable of the task related to the "European legal framework for CNs" focused on a description of the existing laws, the second one updated this mapping and emphasises the actual behaviour of CNs regarding this framework. This final deliverable of this task takes over the findings of these two previous deliverables, updating and deepening them throughout more formal guidelines to respect the applicable law and will also describe various advocacy activities aimed at influencing the current legal framework. [...]