NetHood Zurich

NetHood is a nonprofit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in January 2015 by two ETH researchers, a computer engineer and an urban planner, and by a specialist on community currencies. The objective of NetHood is to develop a transdisciplinary research and action methodology and "commoning" tools for supporting local communities to self-organize and build together sustainable and convivial life styles. NetHood focuses on four main areas: communication, housing, economy, and social infrastructures, and facilitates information exchanges and collaborations between researchers, practitioners, activists, and citizens around its objectives. For this, NetHood is building an expertise around the organization of various types of events, the implementation of inter-/transdisciplinary research and action projects, and the design of related education programmes. Currently, it participates in two EU Horizon2020 projects in the CAPS, Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability, framework: netCommons, and MAZI, a DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness.

NetHood Zurich
Panayotis Antoniadis