Release of New Open Source Software for All Applications (v1)

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This Deliverable contains the high level description of the open source applications developed in the first year of netCommons. Three open source applications have been produced: a new version of the Cloudy distribution, a new version of the PeerStreamer Peer-to-Peer (P2P) video streaming software and a mobile app that uses community networks to crowdsource activities. The Cloudy distribution has been “dockerized”; namely, the many applications it supports run in Docker containers. This makes it easier to extend and migrate them, but also opens the way to new applications and simplifies their adaptation to the specific needs of a community network. The PeerStreamer application was split in two parts, one containing the P2P engine that can be installed directly on network routers, and another serving as the front-end to video playback. Finally, the first version of a third application, built from scratch within the netCommons project, has become available. The CommonTasker application implements mobile crowdsourcing and sharing economy principles to address specific needs of the communities behind the networks and, thus, generate added value for the networks themselves. Much effort during this first year was devoted to application design iterations, which took advantage of the close interactions with the team. This document explains in detail the developments undertaken for the already existing software (Cloudy, PeerStreamer), as well as the design decisions made and the development work undertaken for the new software (CommonTasker). It also points to the public repositories that store the source code make it accessible to third parties. The code itself, which is the main body of the deliverable, is available on the github repository of netCommons as tagged versions of the relative projects: See