Report on the publications and data download, use, and citation

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This deliverable briefly reviews the results of the project in terms of number of publications, their download and correlated metrics, open datasets available. Data related to publications are extracted from available sources: the project website, Google Scholar and the Zenodo platform. The project produced 99 publications that were cited 218 times, and 2 data sets downloaded 404 times. About 14% of the publications were joint publications, and 26% included researchers from external entities, most notably members of the CNs involved in netCommons. Even if research results can not be evaluated on a purely numerical base, especially those coming from a inter/transdisciplinary project like netCommons, we consider these results fully satisfactory. Citation indexes in particular will keep increase in the coming years, as it is well known (and obvious) that scientific work reach its maximum impact after 3–10 years depending on the topic, its foundational/overview nature, the novelty and many other parameters.