Technical Management & Progress Report - M27

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This is the third Progress and Management report, reporting only the technical part of the work, as it is in the middle of the second reporting period when financial data are not available. At the end of the first project period (M18), netCommons has reached all its intermediate goals, but following the comments of reviewers and the discussion at the review meeting a technical amendment has been issued and accepted by the Project Officer (PO) adding a deliverable (D3.6, due at Mo. 31, thus outside the scope of this Technical, Management & Progress Report (TMPR)) and changing the scope of D3.3. The document is organized as follows: Chapter 1 contains the main body of reporting, with the summary of the technical work carried out in each Task. Specific pointers to the technical deliverables where the objectives have been met and where the results of the project can be found help the reader navigate into the project achievements and seek the project outputs that are of major interest to him. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 quickly update on the dissemination and data management, while Chapter 4 reports on the inevitable minor deviation of work from the foreseen activity reported in Annex 1 of the Description of Action (DoA), as amended after the first reporting period.