University of Trento

The University of Trento is the coordinator of the project and participates with two different groups, the Advanced Networking Systems group at DISI (Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science) and the LawTech group at the Faculty of Law.

The Advanced Networking System group has been founded over 10 year ago by Renato Lo Cigno, the coordinator of netCommons as part of the new department on telecommunications and computer science.

The group research objectives are:

  •     networks and networked systems
  •     wireless mesh networks, adaptive networking, vehicular communications
  •     peer-to-peer and application layer overlays
  •     network privacy and security protection, with an interdisciplinary approach
  •     high speed backbone and optical networks

Some (but not all)  the research areas where the group has contributed in these years are:

  • protocol design and implementation
  • performance evaluation
  • distributed applications
  • experimental activities

are part of our daily work and have empowered a long list of success stories in research projects and industrial cooperation.

The LawTech group is based at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento and focuses on the intersections between law and technologies. In particular, it concentrates on the reciprocal influences between law and technology, as well as on the dialogue that law needs to have with other branches of knowledge.
The group is specialized in intellectual property law including its corollaries and implementation, such as open access, open source, knowledge transfer, and so on. It also focuses on highly topical issues, like biobanks, energy law, privacy, communication technologies, and food law. In approaching their fields, the researchers apply a multidisciplinary approach.
The members of the group working on netCommons are prof. Roberto Caso and dr. Federica Giovanella.

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