Letter to EU Policy-Makers: Making Regulation Work for Community Networks

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UPDATE: The consultation is now closed and a joint press release is published on March 16th, 2017. Help us to spread the word!

After many discussions with many European Community Networks (CNs), researchers from netCommons are happy to present a draft open letter on "policy recommendations for sustaining Community Networks".

The letter is targeted at European policy-makers, who recently started working on an overhaul of the telecom regulatory framework. It is drafted in collaboration with several European CNs and advocacy groups and is meant to offer a collective voice to this growing movement.

Until March 15th, we would like to collect signatures from as many European CNs as possible, as well as other supporting organizations (be they advocacy groups, research projects, non-profits, SMEs, local authorities, etc.).

After this consultation period and the collection of signatures, we would like to send the letter to members of EU Parliament, national delegations at the Council of the EU, as well as to key officials from the EU Commission.

Several outcomes can be expected, including:
  • The publication of a joint press release by all signatories to disseminate the open letter as widely as possible (by the end of March).
  • Proposals for amendments reflecting the recommendations of this open letter, to be sent to key members of the EU Parliament before the first crucial vote on the Telecoms Package in late April.
  • A policy workshop to be organized later this year in Brussels.

Of course, all of these potential outcomes will depend upon the involvement of signatory organizations, and in particular of the willingness of CNs to work together. 

But first, we are sharing the draft to a wider circle of CNs and other people interested in their activities for consultation and potential amendments to the text. Until March 8th, many people read and commented on the draft letter, offered corrections and suggested changes or additions by using co-ment, an online tool for collaborative writing, in the iframe below or directly on the dedicated co-ment page.

If and when you agree to sign the letter, please send the name of your organization, the country where it is based and its high-resolution logo before March 15th to: advocacy@netcommons.eu

(note that if your signature is dependent on the response brought to a specific comment you have made, please be sure to tag comment as "blocking").


Source URL: https://lqdn.co-ment.com/text/Rl42W44XAc6/view/